About Me


I’ve had a long career working for more than 40 years as an administrative professional and for the past 20 plus years I had worked along side my husband in the real estate industry, both as real estate brokers.  My true passion, however, has always been books. Reading a good story that takes me on an imaginary adventure where I can forget about the world around me for a brief time and make great discoveries, is to me the best thing in the world.  It is my dream to provide adventures through words for others to enjoy. So  I finally began my writing journey in earnest just a few short years ago and have already written several short stories for children.

My first published book is a children’s non-fiction picture book about my little dog, Goliath.  The story, which is told from Goliath’s point of view, is about his fear of the swimming pool and how he overcame that fear.  The story is very dear to my heart because prior to Goliath’s  joining my family, I had a terrible life-long fear of dogs. Through lots of love and patience, I not only overcame my terrible fear, but am now an avid dog lover.

Most of my writing is short stories for children. My favorite genre and main focus is historical fiction. My goal is to not only entertain and educate, but also to give young people an insight to the differences and similarities of their ancestral counter parts and take them on an adventure through our past.

Today’s society is so engrossed in technology and electronics and moving further away from reading and writing.  My hope is to get today’s kids interested in reading again.  To teach them that life is an adventurous journey and can be made more exciting through words. I want each child to know the joy of sitting outdoors under a tree or on their front stoop while absorbed in a great story, breathing the fresh air and enjoying sun light.  It’s so much better than being cooped up inside playing video games.

In addition to my children’s book, I have also published an historical fiction novel for middle grade children that shows them how life in the 18th Century differs from today.  Currently, I am working on several  projects, some of which include a young adult mystery and converting a recently published short story into a screenplay which will, hopefully, be made into a short video.

One of my short stories was recently published in “Goldfinch”,  the literary journal of  Women Who Write, Inc.  A wonderful women’s writing group based in Madison, New Jersey that offers support and resources for women writers regardless of where they are in the writing career.  The group is open to all women who have an interest in a career in writing.