What is Writing?


What is Writing?

Writing can be many things to many people. A gifted writer can take someone on a journey or an adventure to an otherwise unreachable place. He can be an instructor for a specific talent, trade or subject. Perhaps they have had wonderful adventure that they would like to share it with the world.

Through history, the topics for books are endless. We have books that educate, entertain, horrify, mystify, console, enlighten, frighten and so many other subjects. The world of the written word is endless.

A good book can transform one to another world and another time. When I am reading an especially enjoyable book, I become a part of it and imagine the scenery,  sounds and smells of whatever is being described. I build a picture of the characters in my mind and actually feel as though I am part of the conversations. I get so involved in the book, that when I am called away from it, I actually feel like I just woke up from a dream.  To get a reader to that point is an exciting goal and success.

My favorite genre is mysteries and historical fiction and my goal is to transport readers into adventures stories of other lands and times and take them on a special journey or perhaps to introduce them to a brand new world that they could never imagine.

Writing is a life-long journey of adventures.  Join me and follow my…

Adventures through words


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