Finally a published author

Finally a published author

It took a long time, but I am happy to announce that my first non-fiction children’s book is now available on

Goliaths_Fear_of_th_Cover_for_KindleAs a person who grew up being deathly afraid of dogs, I could go nowhere near them.  I had always dreamed of having a cute little dog as a companion but my fear would not allow it. Until I was introduced (reluctantly) to the cutest little cocker-pug mix.  When he was seven weeks old, a friend brought him and his litter brother to visit.  Goliath was placed in my arms.  As I nervously held him in my arms, (something I had never done), he began to snuggle and lick my face.  I instantly fell in love with him, but was still afraid.

I placed him on the floor and thought that was the end of it, but he kept following me around.  Well, I guess it was time to get over my fear.  Goliath came home with me a week later and for the past six and half years we have been best buddies.

To this day, I cannot understand why I was so afraid.  He is a joy to me and my whole family.  He has changed my life for the better.

The book is out on Amazon and I hope to have some print copies available in stores soon.

I hope you will enjoy my little story and share it with friends.  Thank you.