Good Guys vs. Bad Guys – It’s a Matter of Perspective

Good Guys vs. Bad Guys – It’s a Matter of Perspective

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I recently finished reading a fictional history book for middle grades, which takes place during the American Revolution.  It is about a group of kids that go back into time to Boston and become involved as spies for General Washington.  I really enjoyed reading this book and loved the way the writer made you a part of the story.  Half of the kids become spies and the other half end up temporarily living with a Tory Family.  It brings to light the fact the “good guys” are not always what they seem.

This story showed the good and the bad on both sides.  On the one hand, the patriots (which we usually see as the good guys) are the one who are showed in a true light and brings through the real horrors of a war on both sides of the fence.

The loyalists (which are usually portrayed as the enemy) in this story turn out to be the people with heart and are the generous and caring people who just happen to be on the other side of the fight.

It shows the cruelties that exist in war and how people are basically all alike.  We all share good traits and want to help our fellow citizens.  Then you have those who are just plain evil and don’t care about anyone except their cause, no matter who gets hurt in the interim.

I found this story very enlightening and it definitely was not something that we learned in grammar school history class.

It was not only very entertaining, but also very educational, as well.   These are the type of stories that I hope to someday produce.