My road to success


It’s been a busy six months for me.  My writing career is finally headed in the right direction with a several successes.  I’ve self published two books, the first being a story of my dog, Goliath, and how he used to be afraid to go in the pool.  It’s a short non-fiction children’s picture book that has Goliath telling his own story.  It’s a charming book to either read to small children or if they know how, to read for themselves. There are lots of pictures of Goliath.

One of my short stories, “The Flute Lesson” was published in the Literary Journal of Women Who Write, Inc. (A nonprofit organization and regional writing group that offers encouragement, assistance, and a sense of community to women writers to help further their careers.   I was also appointed Editor of the organization’s newsletter called Writers’ Notes.  This appointment is not only an honor, but a big boost to my confidence as a writer.  It’s going to be a great experience, I’m sure.

cropped-3books.jpgMy second book, Living in History, was also just published recently.  This is a children’s historical fiction book about 11-year old twins going back in time to 18th Century America and learning to adapt to life there.  It tells how they go from our modern world to making bread, clothing and food from scratch.  No supermarkets, no grocery or department stores, no indoor plumbing or electricity and worst of all, no cell phones or video games.

Yes it’s been an extremely busy, but very exciting, time and I’m working harder than ever to keep it up.  You may have noticed that I’ve been redesigning my website.  Now that I have actually been published, I thought it’s time to share the news.

There are currently several projects in my pipeline including a fictional novel for young adults about a writer who inherits an historical house from her recently deceased grandmother.  The house has been in the family for over 250 years and holds many secrets along with some unusual visitors.   I’ve also been dabbling with a romance story about  a young women who had been having very vivid and real dreams of a certain young man since she was old enough to like boys.  After a little accident, she wakes up in a strange home and the man of her dreams just happens to walk into the room.

I’ve been asked to turn my published short story into a screenplay which will may be made into a short video.  This is the most exciting job I’m working on.  My son, who works in the film industry, asked me to adapt one of my stories into a screenplay to be developed into a short film. What fun it will be to work on a project with him.  He is so talented and truly making a name for himself in his industry.  He is based in California so it’s going to be kind of difficult to work on a project together, since I’m on the east coast.  But it’s still exciting.

Every day there are new ideas for projects, but unfortunately, there isn’t enough time to work on them all. Writing has been a dream for most of my life, but raising a family and making a living, took me on a different road.  At this stage in my life, I am so happy and blessed to be able to finally follow the path to my dream and with my husband’s blessing and support, and with God’s inspiration,  I seem to be well on my way.  My goal is providing you all with more entertainment, some adventures, maybe a little mystery and somewhere along the line, I hope to teach a little something as well.

Until next time…..